October 11-16, 2009 -- LA Latino International Film Festival

Closing Night Gala

The 13Th Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (Laliff) Announces Winners

LALIFF-2009-Official-Poster"Anita" (Argentina) directed by Marcos Carnevale
Wins Best Film and Audience Awards;

"Cinco Dias sin Nora" (Mexico) directed by Mariana Chenillo
Wins Best Opera Prima and Best Director;

"Morenita" (Mexico) written and directed by Alan Jonsson Gavica,
written by Jonsson Gavica and Annabel Oakes
Wins Best Screenplay

Following the Award Ceremony, LALIFF concluded with a special preview screening of "Women in Trouble"
written and directed by Venezuelan filmmaker Sebastian Gutierrez

Eleana Uribe, PR Connexion

Mary Ann Kellogg, Writer / Director, Abuelo

Missy Maples, The Medusa Hour

Mike Karkeh, Ex. Producer Farmhouse (The Medusa Hour);
Missy Maples, The Medusa Hour,

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