April 13, 2010 -- Drones Los Angeles Premiere

April 13, 2010
Los Angeles Premiere
Hosted by 826LA
Egyptian Theater
Hollywood, CA

cast/crew: James Urbaniak (“The Venture Brothers”), Samm Levine (“Inglourious Basterds”), Paul F. Tompkins (comedian, “Best Week Ever”), Angela Bettis (“All My Friends Are Funeral Singers”), Dave (Gruber) Allen (“Freaks & Geeks”), Also in attendance will be the films co-directors, Amber Benson and Adam Busch (both formerly on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”),

Q&A with cast of the film moderated by Kevin Pollak

The Los Angeles Premiere of “Drones” hosted by 826LA. All proceeds benefit 826LA. Drones” follows the story of Brian Dilks (Jonathan M. Woodward, another Joss Whedon Alumnus), an office Drone. He spends his days at OmniLink in comforting monotony as he facilitates the moving of products around the country, faxing, copying, joking with his best friend, Clark, and harmlessly flirting with fellow cubicle-mate, Amy. But how well do people really know those who they work with? Brian comes to discover that perhaps some of his co-workers may in fact be from another planet, leaving him to ask the question, “So who else in the office is an alien?” While many of us have silently asked this very question about our own co-workers, for the film “Drones,” the question couldn’t be more serious.

April 11, 2010 -- 2nd Annual Streamy Awards

April 11, 2010
2nd Annual Streamy Awards
Orpheum Theater
Los Angeles, CA

Pancho Morris, Matt Burst, Nora Kirkpatrick, Jordan Riggs, Brian Singleton, Chris Smith, Mark Stewart Iverson Dorm Life

Brett Register The Crew, A Good Knight's Rest; Jamie Blair

Taryn O'Neill Compulsions

Erik Beck Indy Mogul, Mark Douglas The Key of Awesome

Marina Orlova

Marina Orlova

Marina Orlova

Marina Orlova

Melissa Jun Rowley, Guru Ji

Melissa Jun Rowley

Guru Ji

Jillian Clare Miss Behave

James Moran, Dan Turner Girl Number 9

Brian McElhaney, Nick Kocher BriTANick

Lisa Donovan LisaNova, MADtv

Ginger Marie Rogers

Sophie Tilson, Sanrah Wakefield, Nick Carlson, Richard Askin Oz Girl

MemeMolly Rocketboom

Tina Alexander, Daniel Baxter

Daniel Bates How It Should Have Ended

Cooper Harris Squatters

Dennis Haskins

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