The Art Institute of CA- Los Angeles -- Korean Fusion Cuisine Competition

Korean Fusion Competition
The Art Institue of California
Santa Monica, CA

Team #1

Team #2

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Team #8
Team #9

And the Winners are ...
Crystal Lozano of North Hollywood, and Sharon Widjaja of Jakarta, Indonesia
The winning dishes:

Salad, topped kimchi with diced cactus, shrimp ceviche and cubed mango. They made classic japchae, but flanked it with pork marinated in ancho chile sauce. The taco entree, is a yellow corn tortilla, but the meat on top is galbi chim, which is Korean style braised beef.

And what looks at first glance like chopped onion under the meat is white rice. And those fine shreds on top aren’t the usual cabbage or lettuce. They’re the Korean cabbage pickle, kimchi.

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