December 4, 2008 -- NY International Independent Film & Video Festival Awards

Los Angeles July 2008 Awards

Best Film Awards
Best Feature Film- Racing Daylight
Best Short Film – Fifth Street
Best Documentary – The Wonder Kids
Best Animation – Eagle Talon The Movie: The Chancellor Only Lives Twice
Best Cinematography – The Heart of Alaska
Best Original Screenplay – Dr. Andrea Levinson and Bud Dowdey for Death, Taxes... and Chocolate

Lifetime Achievement in Film & TV – Dick Van Dyke

Best Director Awards (USA)
Best Director of a Feature Film– Rosemary Edelman for Frankie D
Best Director of a Short Film- Cone Chamberlain for The Pikers
Best Director of a Documentary – Billy Burke for Under the Skin
Best Directorial Debut – Lana Parshina for Svetlana About Svetlana

Best Director Awards (International)
Best International Director of a Feature Film– Matthew Kloske for The Turn Card
Best International Director of a Short Film- Dale Stewart for Awakened
Best International Director of a Documentary –Avedis Ohanian for Husher (Memories)
Best Directorial Debut – Leanne Averbach for Teacups & Mink

Best Feature Film - Genre Awards
Best Feature Drama – Chekhov and Maria
Best Sci-Fi – Alien Grey: Zone-X
Best Feature Thriller – Battle of Souls
Best Feature Arthouse – Lime Salted Love
Best Western – Broken Fences
Best Feature Comedy –Death, Taxes... and Chocolate
Best Feature Action – Signals
Best Satire - Cold Steele

Best Short Film – Genre Awards
Best Short Drama – Cinders of My Soul
Best Short Sci-Fi– Fifth Street
Best Fantasy - Tenebrae
Best Short Thriller –Photograph
Best Short Art Film– Moving Stills
Best Short Comedy – Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time
Best Short Horror – The Aphrikan
Best Short Dark Comedy– The Rug
Best Short Experimental- Portrait of an Addict
Best Alternative – Thirteen or so Minutes…

Documentary Awards
Best Music Documentary – Black Metal Satanica
Best International Music Documentary – A Nashville State of Mind
Best Arts Documentary – The Survival of the Wildebeest
Best Political Documentary- Identity – The True Story of Juan Piras Peron
Best Social Documentary – Negative Split
Best Medical Documentary- Medicinal
Best Special Interest Documentary – Nina
Best Environmental Documentary - Drifters

Actor Awards (USA)
Best Actor – Todd Bridges in Frankie D
Best Actress – Melissa Leo in Racing Daylight
Best Supporting Actress – Catherine Trail in Death, Taxes... and Chocolate
Best Supporting Actor- Giancarlo Esposito in Racing Daylight

Best PR Campaign
Designed and executed by Andrea Levinson and Briege McGarrity of Independent Film Group for the film Death, Taxes... and Chocolate!


Luisa Diaz

Best Director of a Feature Film– Rosemary Edelman for Frankie D

Lorielle New

Rosemary Edelman ,Writer, /Director Frankie D

Best Supporting Actress –

Catherine Trail

Donna Spangler

Inna Korobkina

Catherine Trail

Catherine Trail, and Andrea Levinson, Executive Producer

Death, Taxes... and Chocolate

Irving Spivac and Athena Marie

Athena Marie and Gem Silver

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