October 22, 2009 -- "Skin" Theatrical Premiere

Skin North American Theatrical Premiere

Bill Wynn, Rashid Bahati

Michael Dean Shelton

Tim Palmer, Hél˙ene Muddiman

Iulia Nastase

Cassidy Haley

Bill Wynn, Jaymes Hines, Hél˜ene Muddiman, Rashid Bahati


Willis Burks, , Rashid Bahati

Sandra Laing, Anthony Fabian, Writer / Director Skin

Vicangelo Bulluck, Executve Director of the Hollywood Bureau of the NAACP

Vicangelo Bulluck

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie (Skin)! I cried so much..Sandra Laing is one of the most courageous person I've ever seen in my life. I respect her. It's weird but she reminds me of my mom...=(

Good movie!

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