January 28, 2010 -- The Wind Up Puppet Show

January 28, 2010
The Wind Up Puppet Show
Original Script and Produced by Chris Berube
Directed, Written and Produced by Wendy Carter
Co-produced by Lydia Muijen
Stage Manager, Lemuel Hill
Stage combat by CB Mullin

Cathy Lin

Wendy Carter, Cathy Lin


Cast: Joe Filippone, School Teacher; Alexa Gardner, School Girl; Tracy Ann Chapel, Snooty; Lucy Angelo, Broken ballerina (12) www.TerrnPopRadio.com; Wendy Carter, Nurse; Michael Taggert, Politician; CB Mullen, Boyfriend; Karah Britton, Girlfriend; Cathy Lin, Geisha; Andre Van Dingenen, Warrior; Lemuel Hill, Puppeteer; Arrianna, Schoolgirl (8); Lydia Muijen, Puppeteer's wife.


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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great show and what a cast!

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