January 7, 2010 -- Wheels of Fire

January 7, 2010
BCS Championship Bowl Game
University of Alabama vs. Univesity of Texas
Rose Bowl
Pasadena, CA

Wheels of Fire

Ricky Rodriguez – Congas

Phil Salvail – Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals

Tim Sullivan – Lead Guitar and Vocals

Robert “Bobcat” Cook, Hector Gonzalez

Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan

Phil Salvail

Hector A. Gonzalez, Luis “Chia” Lizarraga

Johnny (V) Vila – Drums

Tim Sullivan

Hector A. Gonzalez, Musical Contractor and Band Leader – Fender Baritone Guitar

Luis “Chia” Lizarraga – Background (BG) Vocals and Hand Percussion

Rick Downings – Synthesizer Guitar and Vocals

Robert “Bobcat” Cook, Assistant Band Leader

and Musical Director – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Johnny (V) Vila

Mal Moore, University of Alabama Athletics Director


Wheel of Fire: Phil Salvail (Class of 74), Jim "The Hawk" Hamilton (Class of 72), Robert "Bobcat" Cook (Class of 72), Selim Osorio (Class of 72) and Hector A. Gonzalez (Class of 72) are all graduates of Bell High School on Bell Avenue in the City of Bell, California.

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