March 18, 2010 -- See What I'm Saying Theatrical Premiere

March 18, 2010
The Deaf Entertainers Documentary"
Director: Hilari Scarl

Rachel Braver, Director of Public Relations
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD)

Rachel Braver

Rachel Braver

Lilly Crisman
Rose Crisman

Max Fomitchev

Kubilay Uner

Modela Kurzet

Sprint's Mike Ellis, with Daughter Heather

Mike Ellis, National Branch Director, Sales and Sales Support, Sprint,
John Moore, Account Manager, Western Region, Sprint

Mike Ellis, John Moore

Chameen Stratton, David Strom, Todd Bader -- Sprint Relay

Lisa Chahayed, Lauren Maucere, Kavita Pipalia, Debra Gilmore -- KodaWest

Rachel Braver, Dr. Patty Hughes, GLAD CEO

Rachel Braver, Dr. Patty Hughes

Russell Harvard

Russell Harvard, Megan Rose

Nicole Nadeau, Sign World TV

Eddie Schmidt, President: IDA

Brian Cole

Hilari Scarl, Thomas Miller, editor

Hilari Scarl, xxx

Tatiana Del Toro, Hilari Scarl

Hilari Scarl, Guy Shalem

Alan "Spo" Schwartz

James Foster

Karen Soza, Jim Meza

Jerry Ferris

Jerry Ferris


Chris , TL Forsberg , Allen Han



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